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What are the advantages of plastic strapping?


The plastic strap has good elastic recovery, high strength, good water resistance, strong chemical resistance, light weight and softness, and can be tied by hand or machine. It is easy to use and cheap, and can be made into red, white, blue, yellow, green and other colors. The goods of different grades are bundled according to the color, which is convenient for distinguishing the grade of the goods and improving the delivery efficiency. In addition to the sealing and bundling of corrugated boxes, it is also possible to bundle materials, fruits, and the like. Polyester and nylon straps have good tensile strength, while polyethylene and polypropylene straps have low cost, and polypropylene has good resilience. Different materials can be used as needed. Plastic straps are divided into machine belts and hand straps according to the method of use.

Strong tensile strength, both steel-like tensile strength and impact-resistant ductility, ensuring safe transportation of your products; low elongation, elongation is only one-sixth of the polypropylene belt It can maintain the tension for a long time; the temperature resistance is strong, the melting point is 260 degrees, the use is not deformed below 120 degrees; the flexibility is good, the sharp edge of the steel belt is not safe, the operation is safe, neither hurts nor damages the bundled object; Beautiful and rust-free, no steel belt rust pollution of the bundled objects, the color is bright and can be seen; economic benefits, the length of a ton of plastic steel belt is equivalent to six tons of steel belt, the price per meter is lower than the steel belt, can be for you cut costs.

Polyester fiber strap (or flexible strap), polyester fiber strap is a multi-strand polymer polyester fiber by plied composite extrusion or by weaving, used to combine the scattered goods into one Bundling and reinforcement of the whole and products in the process of logistics and transportation. Compared with steel belts or other straps, it has the following advantages:

1. Strong pulling force: high tensile strength, can withstand the pulling force of 0.5-7.5 tons, can replace the traditional steel belt;

2, high impact resistance: due to its ductility and recovery after deformation, polyester Strapping can absorb impact energy better than steel strip, and will not loosen after the cargo shrinks or expands;

3, high buckle strength: the characteristics of the strap is to connect the steel buckle, is the most secure connection, and can be repeatedly tightened; in some applications, the packaging buckle can be reused;

4, safe to use: it is light and soft, does not require gloves to work; it will not bounce when it is cut, hurting transport workers and customers; because of its soft texture, used tape is also very easy to handle, no Sharp corners do not damage the forklift tires during storage.

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